Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie
Sugar Pink Bloggie

Sugar Pink Bloggie

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Sugar Color is the new series dedicated to colors and therefore it is part of a very striking collection of 10 different colors. And Sugar Pink & Sugar Blue are now accompanied by a whole range that you will want to collect. Know more colors.

@Sugar_Pink is one of the first two colors chosen to start this Limited Series of 100 pieces of our ART TOY made in resin. This color inspires us with surprising flavors such as cotton candy, the acidic strawberry of the chewing gum, the clouds, the strawberry smoothie.

Bloggie likes monochrome. Enhance volumes and contours showing every detail of your design.

DO NOT MISS IT! @Sugar_Pink is presented with glasses of the same color. You can optionally get an extra second pair.

Extra Glasses
  • No Extra
  • Blue


Our Art Toy «Sugar» and its complements are made of solid resin and they are personalised, toned and hand painted piece by piece. The slight variations in shape or colour are due to this hand process. We aim to achieve the greatest quality in every detail.

«Bloggie» belongs to a limited edition of 100 pieces per series. Each series is numbered and signed by the illustrator, who certifies its authorship and supervises the production process according to the greatest quality standards. 

Each Bloggie of the Sugar series includes Sunglasses of their color, if you want to buy the glasses of the opposite color, simply click on the Extra Glasses - Blue combination..

Limited Series
100 pieces per model
Solid Resin
Acrylic Bilayer
UHS Gloss Lacquered
Bloggie Dimensions
Body | 3,55 x 4,34 x 1,7 inch (width x height x depth)
With Glasses | 4,1 x 4,34 x 2,05 inch (width x height x depth)
Bloggie Weight
Sugar Body | 196 gr
Sugar with Glasses | 204 gr
Glasses Dimensions
4,1 x 1,5 x 1,4 inch (width x height x depth)
Glasses Weight
Glasses: 8 gr
Kraft Cardboard Box
Packaging Dimensions
9,14 x 3,05 x 5,6 inch (width x height x depth)
Total Package Weight
±396 gr
2 Weeks. Internacional
99 Items
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